yosemite-participantsPeru Travel Photography Workshop 2015

This is a 14 days trip in Peru, organized by travel photographer Brendan van Son.

From a travel photography standpoint, the most amazing thing about Peru is the diversity. The country really does wrap up all the different aspects of photography into one country. You’ll get the chance to do wildlife photography with the condors, take portraits of people across the country, capture architecture in Arequipa and Cusco, and shoot landscapes at places like Pisac and The Colca Canyon. If there ever was a country to build and diversify your portfolio in a short period of time, it’s Peru.

2015 Photography Workshops with Frank Comisar

The founder of Scenic Aperture, and also an award winning professional landscape, wildlife, and nature photographer, scheduled 9 different workshops for 2015. You can see a list with details here. The participants limit is very low, so make sure to book your place if you like it.

2015 Photography Workshops in San Francisco

If you live in or near San Francisco, then you will be able to get to these workshops easily. ss-bay-bridge-panoDon’t worry if you miss one, there are more of the same programmed during the year. These are held by Aperture Academy – a professional organization dedicated to safe, quality, positive experiences. They promise breathtaking locations and beautiful wildlife at every workshop.

2015 Photo Tours & Workshops with Gary Hart

gc1Gary Hart, a full-time professional nature photographer with over 30 years photography experience prepared upcoming photography workshops in YosemiteHawaii Big Island VolcanoesEastern SierraDeath Valley Winter Moon, and Maui Tropical Paradise. These all sound exotic and fascinating.

2015 Zion National Park Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

Prepare for five days in beautiful Zion National Park (Utah) at or near peak fall foliage. You will be photographing amazing sunrises & sunsets along with striking fall foliage color with not one but two full-time fine art photographers (Matt Suess and Christine Hauber) as your instructors and guides. Only 8 students are accepted, and the period of this workshop is Friday, November 6 – Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

Bob Evans’ 2015 Photography workshop schedule

Groups of 10 students will be formed to go on photo tours with Bob Evan as follows: Winter in YosemiteEastern Sierra NevadaColumbia Gorge, OregonSmoky Mountains National Park and Bryce and Zion, Utah. Here’s what one of the previous year’s students said:

Bob has a very personable style and takes time to listen to and work hands on with his students to determine their needs and assists in the achievement of their goals. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking for some great photographic opportunities, or a beginner hoping to advance your skill level, I am confident Bob will help you. One of the highlights of all of his workshops is the group critique session and lectures where students have an opportunity to share and learn.New+1200Galaxy

2015 MUENCH Photography Workshops

Muench Workshops was founded on the friendship and common love of photography shared by Marc Muench, Andy Williams and David Rosenthal. When I browsed the workshops offer for 2015, I was pleased to see there’s at least one opportunity for every month of the year. However, some of them are already sold out! And given this quote, I am not surprised:

We lead photo workshops—not photo tours, and there’s a big difference! Expect to be immersed in photography every day with both group and individual instruction, and trust us: you can sleep in at home!

2015 Photo Tours with Jim Cline


2015 Photo Workshops with Dave Allen

s_gods_countryLearn to use your digital camera to its full potential while shooting photos at visually inspiring locations throughout Western North Carolina and the Smoky Mountains with landscape photographer Dave Allen. Attendance will be limited to a small group of participants in order to maintain an effective learning environment, ensuring that you receive plenty of one on one instruction throughout the day. These trips are short, but for landscape photography, that’s enough.

  • Spring in Charleston SC Photo Workshop – 2 Days
  • WNC Waterfalls Workshops – 1 Day
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Landscapes Workshops – 1 Day
  • Spring in the Smokies Photo Workshop – 2 Days

2015 Adventures in Light Photography Workshops and Tours

downloadJoseph Rossbach, Kurt Budliger and Alex Mody will help you explore, learn and chase the light in amazing locations. See here a full list of available workshops (or what’s left of them, since again some are sold out).

Our tour instructors work with each client on an individual basis providing feedback and instruction when needed. All tours and workshop are conducted in locations that each instructor has intimate knowledge and years of experience shooting in. This allows us to know when and where to go based on changing weather and light.


There are many more photography workshops that deserve attention and which you should look into, but the few I have selected are on my own personal wish-list – and we can’t have them all, right?

Aspiring photographers usually wander the streets of the city or the paths of nature in search for a good photography subject. But sometimes, they have a spark of inspiration that makes them observe things which “blow people’s mind” after the photo is taken. Other photographers are creative in the studio, with still life objects, or human models. All of these ideas have one thing in common: no photo manipulation was involved. No, there is no trick here. Just a genius mind and a camera.

Creative photography usually makes people think about manipulation various photos into something they imagined, but, when you see an image that is simply taken with the photo camera and nothing more, you tend so say: “wow, what a great idea!” or even: “why didn’t I think of that?”.

After a while, some of these photos become viral over the internet (think about the ring placed in a book, with a heart shaped shadow), and other photographers replicate the idea with their own means. Another classic image example is the puddle reflection. Whoever thought of it first, was the one with the spark. Now it’s your turn to try it out next time you go out after the rain. Add some creative photos to your collection. This will improve the quality of your portfolio, even if you aren’t the inventor of those particular ideas. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just need to get inspired! There’s always an element of originality that we can add to these ideas, but this is up to you.

Category: Reflections

Idea No.1: Reflection in a puddle

Idea No.2: Reflections on metal surfaces, mirrors, windows, sunglasses, etc.

Idea No.3: Water droplet reflections

Category: Shadows

Idea No.1: Shadows of people who interact

Idea No.2: A real person interacting with a shadow

Category: Forced Perspective

Idea No.1: Hold a statue or tower in your hands

Idea No.2: Play with the Moon or the Sun, or even lights

Idea No.3: Catch the objects from the sky: plane, bird, balloon, clouds, etc.

Idea No.4: Make use of the distance between people

Idea No.5: Reverse horizontal to vertical (what do you say of road climbing?)

Category: Framing

Idea No.1: Put a frame in the scene

Idea No.2: Use the scene as a frame

Category: Food

This is practically an endless source of ideas. You can arrange food to resemble anything, or make the food as if it is alive by drawing on it.

For more creative photography examples visit http://www.pinterest.com/photoaxe/creative-photography/

What is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is an image composed from other images, aligned into arrays with a specialized software. Let’s see how to obtain a terrific unique mosaic photo while making use of a collection of photographs. With the help of a mosaic, you can show-cast your photos from a shooting session through a single collage instead of browsing an entire website, for example. Here is what Ian Octoman says about his Photo Mosaic images: “When doing a photoshoot, I tend to take numerous shots (bad habit). But with those extra shots I am able to put together and create a collage mosaic.”

ian-octoman-photography-mosaic-catherine-hanbok-1 ian-octoman-photography-mosaic-catherine-hanbok-2

The main image must be rectangular, divided into equal sections, as small as you want it to be. The secondary images should be small enough to create a great visual effect, but not so small: someone who is looking at the finished project must be able to recognize the details from each used photo, when the main image is enlarged to 100% view.

When you look at the photos at a distance you see only the portrait. However, when you zoom into the mosaic picture you will notice that there are pictures of many different people within the image itself. These smaller secondary images may or may not be related to the main image. Like for example, you can compose a picture of an Asian lady from pictures of cars. Well, it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

A photo mosaic can be used as:

  • A unique gift
  • A wedding collage
  • A memory of yourself
  • A memory of your baby/child
  • A collage of photos with your pet
  • A collage of your holiday

Trying to make a mosaic photo by hand is a very difficult task. That’s why, with today’s technology, there are plenty of programs that use mathematical algorithms to create the collage by color matching and block placement. If you want to see how tedious this task is bbehindthe scene, here’s a scientific paper on this subject. The thing to remember about mosaic photos is that the more photos you load to make them, the more spectacular the result.

4 Basic Steps for every Photo Mosaic creation

Step 1: First, save a copy of the photographs you want to use in a single location – folder – on your computer hard drive.

IMGP5680-Mosaic03--1600x1200-Step 2: Access a photo mosaic software. There are several free or low-cost photo mosaic software programs available to download from the Internet. In this tutorial, I will present some of them that is online (no need to download) and free to use. But, as a general idea, they all function in the same basic way, allowing you to build a complex image made up of small versions of the photos in your image collection.

Step 3: Select the parameters of your photo mosaic. Depending on your software, you can select how many times the image in your collection can be repeated, the size of each image, how many rows and columns of images will be in your final mosaic, and how much the program can alter each image in the collection to improve the final output. More advanced programs may have more options to discover and experiment with. But, other programs (like those free online tools), will only allow the use of their own gallery images. Either way, the final image will be a nice mosaic of your own main picture.

Step 4: When the completed mosaic is ready, you can still adjust the final product to your liking by changing the parameters in step 3. Make any desired changes to your image at this time. Then, save the file on your computer and broadcast it in the social networks. It will have a guaranteed success.

Makeing your Photo Mosaic with PicArtia


PicArtia lets you create photo mosaic Online and Free! (Photo Collage Maker) Create photo mosaic Online and Free! A powerful photo collage maker in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Uploading Master Photo. My inconvenient: I could not upload a an original size image, I had to decrease the size.

Step 2: Select Gallery. My inconvenient: I could only select from their own pictures, I could not upload my own. So I used “dancers”.

Step 3: Final Settings. Here you can change the vertical and horizontal cut size, as well as the cell size.

After finishing the mosaic, I had to wait for a code to arrive in my email inbox in order to save the final image. My result using their algorithm and gallery is the one at the side. It has their logo stamped on it.

Makeing your Photo Mosaic with EasyMoza

easymoza-photo-mosaic mymosaic

EasyMoza is another free online tool that really does what it promises. You can use your own pictures, it is very user-friendly, no need to download a software, no registration required (like the code from PicArtia), no obligations, and has a social network share button. EasyMoza is also a lot cheaper than other suppliers.

Step 1: Uploading Master Photo. For comparison purpose, I used the same image.

Step 2: Select Gallery. Here I can choose to upload my own gallery or choose between the two presets. I uploaded about 248 flower images, at 30% of the original size, with no issues. Then, the processing took some time, but that’s not surprising given the large amount of data I used.

Step 3: Extra options. I am pleasantly surprised to see that I can convert the final image into a BW or Sepia toned photo. Plus, I can adjust the brightness, saturation, hue and contrast. Well, I’ll give it a bit of more contrast (+10 and probably would have been better even more).

For a printable version I have to pay. This big image has a resolution of 5400 x 7200 pixels. That’s a great size. And, if I want to buy the printable version, I only have to pay a small fee for this one image, not an entire (expensive) program that I will hardly ever use.

My free size is 900 x  1200 and there is no logo on it. Great too. Compared with PicArtia, the image quality is visibly better. There is also a share button there, and when I pressed it, the program created an animation of zooming into the smaller images. This is fantastic! Look at the zooming movie here: http://www.easymoza.com/index.php?p=31&t=10&m=fPvF6LEtd0#

Makeing your Photo Mosaic with ArtensoftPhotoMosaicWizard


Artensoft Mosaic Photo Wizard is made not only for home users, but professional designers too. The program lets you create eye-catching advertising posters, flyers and business cards, or decorate the interior of a home or office. You can make these mosaic photos yourself, without special skills. Just follow the program’s step-by-step instructions. If you want to try out all of the program’s features, you can download a trial for free. They claim that “unlike other implementations, in Artensoft Photo Mosaic Wizard, the features and algorithms used by the program allow you to create some of the best photo mosaic work in the world.”

So, given these 3 tests, the last one – Artensoft Mosaic Photo Wizard is the one I recommend if you are serious about this. For personal use, however, EasyMoza does a decent job.