A Flexible and Environmental-Friendly Tripod called Gorillapod

Lightweight, Compact, Portable, Bendable, Wrappable, Grippable, and doesn’t require an elevated surface to take the perfect shot!!
flexible tripod
Joby’s Gorillapod is a tripod designed for smaller, lightweight cameras that allows placement in a variety of places that traditional tripods just can’t manage. The tripod allows you to utilize the environment around you with the three flexible legs that can wrap around a variety of objects – like in the image below.

Each of the joints on the legs are able to bend and rotate 360 degrees. The base joints also have larger grips so the tripod can stand in the traditional manner without any slippage. It uses the traditional 1/4-inch screw and only weighs 1.5 ounces. Available for $25 through the Gorillapod website. You can get it in three sizes and many colors!

Jobys Gorillapod

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2 thoughts on “A Flexible and Environmental-Friendly Tripod called Gorillapod

  1. I purchased the Gorillapod SLR-Zoom and it works very well. I use a monopod 75% of the time and although I have a tripod, it is usually reserved for night photography. The Gorllapod won’t replace a tripod but is useful when your traveling light and need that extra support. Anyone going traveling where a tripod is impractical I would definitely recommend a Gorillapod.

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