3 Tips to Use Perspective in Photos

Perspective is a powerful tool in photography, and if you’re able to master it you’ll find that you’re able to snap far more interesting photos. It is a common misconception that you need special lenses to experiment with perspective, when in actual fact all you really need to do is move around. If you’re interested in using perspective in your photos, here are 3 easy tips that will help:   Get high, and get low  The easiest way to see perspective in action is by snapping photos from above and below eye-level. Try snapping a photo of a subject from the ground, then again from above it, and see how perspective makes a world of difference in the photos that you end up with. Play around with scale Because objects that are further away look smaller, you can reverse that effect and create some amusing photos. Often this is referred … Read more

Capture that Precious Moment: How to Create a Calm Mood for the Infant

Babies capture everyone’s heart, and this is the time to cherish in the form of a series of photographs that will remind you of how idyllic your child looked at the newborn stage. Photographing children, especially babies, poses a problem for the image taker, as you cannot simply ask for a pose, rather you have to engineer it. Here is some information to help make the session go smoothly, and get the perfect shots. The Right Age The ideal age to have photos taken of your baby is between 5 and 12 days old, as they tend to sleep most of the time and it is much easier to find the ideal pose and position. Of course, you can wait a little longer, but to be honest, you have lost that newborn look, which is what everyone wants to capture. If you happen to be in Western Australia, and are … Read more

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