Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 Digital Camera Review

The design of this camera is very different than the rest of the cameras in it’s range. If you thought that a SLR-like ultra zoom digicam can not look fancy and stylish, you are wrong. The round forms of the design do not interfere with the camera usability and hand grip. The tripod mount is positioned well in the gravity center of the camera, but the mount is made of plastic – not very solid. It starts up in around two seconds and focus speed is about 0.2 seconds long. Konica Minoltas Z6 features a very good anti-shake system that will help you to zoom at maximum power of 12x without a tripod and take good shots in low light also. Because of the focal length of the lens, the images may result in having barrel distortion at wide angle, and at the telephoto end it has softness and chromatic … Read more

How to Photograph Castles, Palaces and Holy Places

This type of photography involves knowing more than one skill: landscape, indoor, architecture. The easiest but probably the most spectacular photography is the landscape view of a castle/palace. Most of them are located in mountain regions or near a lake/river. Think for example at the castles on the Rhin Ri’ver in Germany. Considering the century when these were build, you may encounter a dig around them or a big fancy gate and colorful gardens. (Check for example Versailles in France, near Paris) As for indoor, even if they have tall walls, usually they are very dark. The use of flash is required for capturing the furniture inside the royal rooms. Architecture is represented by sculptures and statues. In the morning or evening the light suits better every shadow of the forms. Shooting holy places from outside is similar with castles and palaces, only that I recommend a vertical composition. (The … Read more

Vote for Photoaxe.com!

Hi there dear reader and friend. I specially address you the reader who keeps coming to my site, who bookmarked me and added me to the feed reader. Youve done all this actions to read my blog about cameras and photography tips. Its a great honor and sense of accomplishment knowing youve done that for me and knowing you are always reading when Im publishing something. A day ago I found this website and I decided to participate at their contest. Why have I done that? Because I count on you! I count on you my reader who appreciates my tips, my photography and my articles. I need your vote! The voting requires a quick registration. I need just 2 minutes of your time, so I can spend many hours writing with pleasure, more and more articles for you! Please GO HERE NOW and make me smile by voting for … Read more

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