Camera Firmware Updates of November 2007

Sony has released a new firmware update to for the 12 megapixel Sony A700 DSLR camera:
Sony A700 Firmware Update

have released a firmware update, v1.45, for the Ricoh R6 camera, including improved stability at the lens unit retracting.
Ricoh R6 v1.45 Firmware Update

Ricoh also released a new firmware update, version 1.25, for the R7 digital camera, which includes the following changes:
– Modified the following phenomenon. In direct printing (PictBridge), a camera may not connect properly with some printers and you may not print out a picture.
– Improved stability at the lens unit retracting.
Rioch R7 v1.25 Firmware Update

The third Ricoh update is Ricoh GR Digital v2.40 Firmware Update for the Ricoh GR Digital, an 8 megapixel compact digicam based on the GR Series of 35mm compact film cameras. The update includes the following changes:
– [B&W (TE)] for [IMG SET]
[B&W (TE)] setting is selectable.
– [ON] and [OFF] for [INFO DISP]
[INFO DISP] setting is selectable.
You can adjust the amount of flash light.
– Tele Conversion Lens
You can use an optional tele conversion lens (GT-1).
Ricoh GR Digital v2.40 Firmware Update

Casio released firmware version 1.01 for 10 different compact digital cameras. These are: EX-V8, EX-S880, EX-Z1080, EX-Z77, EX-Z15, EX-Z12, EX-Z8, EX-Z7, EX-Z6 and EX-Z5.
Casio v1.01 Firmware Updates

Leica’s new firmware update, version 1.110, is now available for the Leica M8 camera. The update adds these improvements are:
– 6 Bit lens codes for Summarit-M lenses 35, 50, 75 and 90 mm
– Time shortened between pre-flash and main flash in M-TTL mode with flashes LEICA SF24 D and SCA compatible flashguns
– Function of the central setting wheel on the camera back improved (unintentional scrolling of the menu now prevented)
– Battery capacity display improved
– Change in the French menu: «Marche +UV/IR» instead «Marche avec»
Leica M8 v1.110 Firmware Update

Canon version 1.0.5, for the Canon EOS 40D digital SLR camera, offers the following improvements and fixes:
1. When playing back images just after recovering from Auto Power Off, the display now shows the last image played back.
2. During remote shooting, images are now displayed on the cameras LCD monitor right after they are taken.
3. Corrects a warning message in Korean that appears when updating the firmware.
4. Corrects errors in the Spanish menu screens.
5. Corrects a phenomenon that prevented printing with some print systems.
6. Corrects a rare phenomenon in which file numbers or image numbers were sometimes skipped.
Canon EOS 40D Firmware Update 1.0.5

Olympus E-System DSLR cameras benefit from a new firmware update also. Users of the E-1 through E-510 can all have better focusing accuracy when using the EC-20 teleconverter, while with the E-510 they receive an extra bonus in the form of improved Image Stabilization at slower shutter speeds. As usual the firmware is download-able via your Olympus software – Master, View or Studio depending on your model.
firmware update (E-1)
firmware update (E-300/330/500)
firmware update(E-410/510)

For FujiFilm cameras, since most DSLR cameras today now only offer RAW as an option, the IS Pro offers an optional firmware upgrade that’s now available. The new software supports camera TIFF file formats in three resolutions. (RAW mode is not available during TIFF mode capture.)
Click here to access the new IS PRO firmware update for TIFF mode.



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