Capture that Precious Moment: How to Create a Calm Mood for the Infant

Babies capture everyone’s heart, and this is the time to cherish in the form of a series of photographs that will remind you of how idyllic your child looked at the newborn stage. Photographing children, especially babies, poses a problem for the image taker, as you cannot simply ask for a pose, rather you have to engineer it. Here is some information to help make the session go smoothly, and get the perfect shots.

The Right Age

The ideal age to have photos taken of your baby is between 5 and 12 days old, as they tend to sleep most of the time and it is much easier to find the ideal pose and position. Of course, you can wait a little longer, but to be honest, you have lost that newborn look, which is what everyone wants to capture. If you happen to be in Western Australia, and are looking for baby photographers in Perth, you couldn’t do any better than Kirsty Mannix Photography, a family run business that is dedicated to shooting the best images at affordable prices.


Most families like to have frequent photo sessions that show clearly the development of the child, and if you are planning a photo shoot with your toddler, there are a few props you will need. A few squeaky soft toys will provide that instant attention you need for that perfect pose, and you will need more than one, as the child will soon become bored with a single attraction. As the parent, you would know your child better than anyone else, so choose a time of day that you feel the child would be most receptive. Avoid trying to do this when the child is tired and irritable, so planning the routine leading up to the appointment is crucial.

Professional Help

The best solution is to call in a professional photographer, one that specialises in newborn babies, and they will be very experienced in setting the scene. Most reputable photographers will come to your home, which is far better than subjecting the newborn to the stresses of travel. The photographer should be booked a few months in advance, as you want to be sure not to miss this very special stage, and if they are very busy, even that might be too late.

Props and Accessories

Newborns look gorgeous with props like shawls and baskets, and with a range of propping pillows and background drops, the photographer can create amazing images.

The Home Environment

Even a small baby has some recognition, so, if possible, arrange for the shoot to take place at home, and prepare a room with soft pastel colours and preferably somewhere quiet. If you, or other members of the family wish to be included, make sure you have a range of clothing ready, as you can mix and match.

Capturing a newborn with great images is an art, and one best left to the professionals, and with such a memory that is captured forever, you can surprise your child in later years by presenting them with the album of newborn pictures.

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