What is the best camera for you! Nikon or Canon?

As a photographer we rely  on our equipment and as we all know, one of  the most important tools we use is our cameras. Now there’s a big controversy on what brand of camera you should use in the field. Nikon and Canon are one of the most popular camera brands out there on the market.  These camera companies are made to take great quality pictures. So why is there so much controversy between photographers? I have been in this field for five years now and the two most popular questions I get asked are what kind of camera do I use? Or what’s the best brand of camera? After doing so much research I went with nikon. I myself just feel like that it was a better choice for me what I was doing as a photographer and I’ve always wanted a nikon ever since I started to get into photography. Entry Level Cameras  These companies have … Read more

The Basics Of Buying A Digital Camera


Cameras too complicated. What happened to the days when you could walk into a store and buy the first thing that caught your eye? Do they not exist anymore? Unfortunately, they don’t, and that is down to technology. Thanks a lot technology! It has just made the process of purchasing a camera ten times harder. There is too much to take into think about and too much responsibility on the buyer’s shoulders. If you want to simplify the process, take a look at the tips below. FIGURE OUT YOUR NEEDS A lot of first time buyers especially get sucked into buying a camera that is beyond their needs. Why? There are two main reasons. The first is that they can’t help themselves and temptation gets the better of them. The second is that they simply don’t know what their needs are. Understanding what you want from your camera is the … Read more

Explore the Art of Photography

People are lucky nowadays. They have the possibility to move around the world in just a couple of hours, they have the mobility to see every single part of this planet and can immortalize their journey while doing so. The photo camera is probably one of the best inventions ever made because it allows people to document their discoveries and preserve great moments for posterity. Photographs are a wonderful manner of marking important moments in one’s life. Whether you want to take a trip in a fascinating location or you are planning on giving your friend the best birthday memories ever, photos are the way to do it. Many things have changed in the photographic industry as well. Over the years, cameras have evolved and now there is a wide variety of offers that allow both professional and amateur photographers to create wonderful pictures. The high resolution and features existent … Read more

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