HP Photosmart R837 Digital Camera Review

Photosmart R837, with an interesting design of the metal and plastic body (the sliding lens cover), lightweight but resistant, is the first HP digital camera to offer HP touch-up for the removal of blemishes (like spots and scars on the faces in portraits). Its one of the newest cameras on the market and promises be in top best digital compact cameras soon enough. HP tagging and organisation function seems to be new also: it allows you to organise your photos into convenient folders in-camera (Holidays, Children, Friends, Family and more) for easy searching and sorting. Tagged photos are automatically filed when you download them to your PC. Smart Features: HP Design Gallery, HP photo touch-up, HP in-camera red-eye removal (and guess what: pet-eye removal also), HP steady photo (anti-shake mode), HP adaptive lighting (i love this one: it reveals the details in shadows), HP in-camera panorama stitching and HP Photosmart … Read more

HP Photosmart M525 Digital Camera Review

HP Photosmart M525 has overall compact stylish design for one-handed shots and intuitive buttons, therefore, easy to use point and shoot. On-camera button to easily order and share photos on Snapfish using HP Photosmart Express. HP Photosmart Express makes sharing, printing and saving digital photos easy. HP Real Life technologies help take the guesswork out of digital photography and make it easy to produce great photos that are crisp, realistic and true-to-life. HP Real Life technologies include HP Design Gallery that adds artistic effects and borders right in the camera (you can choose up to 10 different borders, including burnt, soft or torn edges, 12 different artistic effects, such as kaleidoscope, retro and slimming, and four unique color tints), in-camera red-eye removal to remove red-eye while images are still in the camera and HP Image Advice, which immediately provides real-time feedback to users about how to improve a specific picture … Read more

HP Photosmart M527 Digital Camera Review

HP Design Gallery: Add artistic effects directly on your camera – no PC or software needed. Make your photos look like cartoons, sketches or antique photographs. Add fun borders and tint photos to black-and-white, sepia and more. HP automatic in-camera red-eye removal: Remove red-eye without having to transfer photos to your computer. This unique, easy-to-use tool automatically recognises red-eye and lets you remove it immediately via your camera’s LCD screen. HP Photosmart Premier software for Windows and Macintosh included and HP Photosmart 6220 Digital Camera Dock connectivity. There is also a on-camera button to easily order and share photos on Snapfish using HP Photosmart Express. You can add wireless capabilities by purchasing the HP Photosmart 6222 Wireless Dock Base to share your photos via a wireless home network. Photosmart M527 is a very light compact point and shoot, suited for vacation and snapshot photography, with almost no manual features but … Read more

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