Kodak EasyShare C330 Digital Camera Review

KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Photo Solutions are the answer for busy paren’ts, grandparen’ts, and others. Since 2001, the EASYSHARE system has set the tone worldwide for simplified picture taking and printing. These new introductions take simplification a step further, making it even easier to purchase a complete system, without worrying if you have assembled the ‘right pieces. Weve done that work for you,” said Mary Hadley, general manager for digital still cameras, Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak EasyShare C330 comes with Red Eye Reduction, optical viewfinder, a built-in flash with a range from 2 to 11.8 feet (0.6 to 3.6 meters), Kodak EasyShare Software, AV output (NTSC or PAL, user selectable) and USB 2.0 connector. It is compatible with Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3 and Kodak EasyShare Camera Dock Series 3. Functions: • Shooting Modes: Auto, SCN, Sport, Landscape, Close-up, Movie • Scene Modes (SCN): Auto, Portrait, Sport, Landscape, Close-up, Night … Read more

Kodak EasyShare P712 Digital Camera Review

Its precision auto-focus system with best-in-class click-to-capture rate – literally faster than the blink of an eye, at less than 1/10th of a second (0.07 seconds) – helps photographers get the exact shots they want, whether action on a sports field or children on the playground. A/V output (NTSC or PAL, user-selectable), exclusive Kodak EasyShare Camera Dock/Printer Dock I/face (prints up to 30×40″ – 76×102 cm), USB 2.0 connector and electronic viewfinder are some features of EasyShare P712. High zoom, manual focus and the multitude of file formats make P712 a respectable concurrent for the latest ultra-zoom digital cameras on the market. Optical image stabilisation provides a two-stop advantage over non-image stabilised systems for better capturing subjects in low light for both stills and video. Functions: • Shooting Modes: Auto, SCN (scene mode), P (program mode), A (aperture priority mode), S (shutter priority mode), M (manual mode), C (custom mode), … Read more

Kodak EasyShare V705 Digital Camera Review

The Kodak EasyShare V705 digital camera is the worlds smallest ultra-wide-angle zoom digital camera. Lets take a look at what else makes this camera special: Retina technology that pairs two lenses on the front, anti-blur technology that reduces blur caused by camera shake, subject movement, and low light and in-camera panorama stitch mode which allows photos capturing up to 180 degrees of view. Sharp edges and chrome highlights in its design, you can even put an Absolute Pink model in your pocket. Kodaks V705 looks similar to the other V-series cameras in terms of its controls and buttons. The top of the camera has a line of five buttons, and the three on the left look too similar, a design which isn’t practical. Some other features include: framing, distortion compensation, date and time stamping, blur warning. Always powers up in the auto mode and manual control is minimal. Overall: This … Read more

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