Explore the Art of Photography

People are lucky nowadays. They have the possibility to move around the world in just a couple of hours, they have the mobility to see every single part of this planet and can immortalize their journey while doing so. The photo camera is probably one of the best inventions ever made because it allows people to document their discoveries and preserve great moments for posterity. Photographs are a wonderful manner of marking important moments in one’s life. Whether you want to take a trip in a fascinating location or you are planning on giving your friend the best birthday memories ever, photos are the way to do it. Many things have changed in the photographic industry as well. Over the years, cameras have evolved and now there is a wide variety of offers that allow both professional and amateur photographers to create wonderful pictures. The high resolution and features existent … Read more

12 Best Digital Cameras of The Year 2007

Hollydays are comming and you probaly wonder what gift to buy. A camera will always bring joy to anyone and many whish for such a surprize in the box. Digitalcamerainfo proposes a list of the best cameras released in 2007 and gives good suggestions for evry price range. By the way, they also say that in 2007 there were more than 200 camera models manufactured. As I was also following every photography related news, I can confirm that. However, some of them have just a few differences and have made a debate among the experts. Before asking yourself what camera you should buy, check which are the Best Digital Cameras of The Year. Image stabilization and face detection became universal features on every new camera starting from the second half of the year. 2007 is also the year when Foveron senzors started to conquer the market but it will be much … Read more

Sigma SD14 Digital Camera Review

This DSLR camera (not recommended for beginners) works on the base of Foveon X3 Sensor and will finally be available since 6th March 2007 (originally announced at Photokina in August 2006). Foveon X3 sensor (20.7mm x 13.8mm) was seen by many as the future of digital photography because (unlike almost every camera on the market which uses a color filter array), the X3 sensors measure color information for all three colors at every pixel location. As well as the new image sensor, the Sigma SD14 has a completely new body which is quite a bit smaller and lighter (also modern) than that used in previous models. Sigma SD14 comes with built-in pop-up flash and an optical viewfinder with 98% coverage. Maximum resolution is 2640 x 1760 pixels, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The dust protector of the SIGMA SD14 prevents dust from entering and adhering to the image sensor and … Read more

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