Photography Articles Around the Web #2

11 Practical Tips For Any Photographer I received an email at the beginning of the month from someone named Dana who gave me permission to reprint these 11 practical tips for any photographer ??? beginner or master ??? to keep in mind while taking digital photos. … Keys to Becoming a Great Portrait Photographer! I go to do a photo shoot for a special family. We met this family when they put their house on the market almost three years ago. We fell in love with… Worth Buying a DSLR for Your Travel Photography? Take this Quiz Digital SLRs are very popular items these days, especially among travelers. This article will explore the fundamental differences between a DSLR and a compact digicam, plus… Reuters sports photography book and exhibition Reuters has launched a free outdoor exhibition featuring 200 images from its new sports photography book, Sport in the 21st Century, … Read more

Photography Articles Around the Web #1

Photography Articles Around the Web

Aperture vs. Lightroom: What do the pros use?
I had this dilemma myself, so I looked over and found this result.

Are You Digital Camera-Shy?
This article refers to shooting indoor landscapes of rooms in such way that you can sell the results having no fear to be not aesthetic enough.

Photography tutorial: the importance of texture
Texture Photography is almost a totally new photography type in the new modern word. For example, think of how many websites started to use textures in the design.

15 Inspiring Underwater Images
This goes like a little bit of relaxation for your eyes and a sparkle for your mind. I know you expect to see all kind of creatures…. but there are also humans!

Photographing People in Public Places
Speaking of humans, I started having troubles when doing street photography and this article here really helped me.

Erase Tourists from Your Vacation Photos – Three Pesky Tourist Removalâ„¢ Techniques
This is another very useful article that I need to apply to some of my photos. With the traditional methods it takes me allot of time and it gets exhausting.

12 Javascript Image Galleries
If you are looking for a well designed and good functionality online-gallery layout, this is the perfect place to start.

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