Photography Critique Edition #8

In this edition of “photo critique” I received more photos by Eric Cheung. Let’s see them. DSC_3181:Eric’s explanation: I focused on the timer, there’s a spectator standing on the left, the refee stood at the middle of the photo. I just have to wait for a runner to pass the road sign and simply took the shot. I am very happy to see the runner was applauded by the spectator, that made the photo looks more lively. My question is :  Anything I have missed? DSC-3118: Eric’s explanation: In this photo, I tried to express a pliceman was monitoring the steam of runners. With a straight line on the left, and the policeman is standing still, this composition represented a sense of steady. On the other hand, the steam of runners was out of focus, that creates a soft flow. My comments: I like the composition of all these photos, the emotions and the motion captured, all … Read more

Photography Critique Edition #7

In this edition of “photo critique” I received two wonderful images by Eric Cheung. Let’s see them. My Comment: I think I would be happier without the reflection on the round surface at the bottom of the image. The composition is OK with the white sky at the middle flanked by black and the “panels”(?) at the right. Eric’s explanation:It was a snap shot during my visit to the Gallery, a young lady was sitting on the chair at the left hand side, I quickly took a shot and left. I intended to keep the round shape as a front object to make the photo looks dimensional. I will pay attention to front object for similar shoots.There was a net hanging on some bamboo at the right hand side. I used it to balance both sides of the photo. My Comment: I like the composition, except maybe for the crop on the tree … Read more

Photography Critique Edition #6

In this edition of “photo critique” I received more wonderful images. Let’s see them. Portrait by FurSid Original Image Technical Aspects Technically, this portrait is almost perfect. If I look carefully at the details in full view, I might say that the upper right eye is too dark and looses details. Exposure looks fine, kind of at the limit in the mustache area because of the strong contrast, which, otherwise, is good for the details and pops out the man’s expression. The main focus point is well placed on the eyes of the subject. Composition is very good. Visual Aesthetics The expression captured gives a very deep feeling and the sepia toning adds alot to it. Congratulations for such a pleasant portrait! Spring time in the Mountains by Tudor Technical Aspects The image is well focused, with a proper DOF. However, the post processing resulted into some burned areas. Better pay … Read more

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