Photography Critique Edition #5

In this edition of “photo critique” I received more wonderful images. Let’s see them. Sky reflection by Guillaume Lagace Technical Aspects There is a good sharpness that fits the transparency of the calm water. The blue color looks very natural. Some details over the rocks are visible and the contrast is good. About the composition, the image is well equilibrated with the lines formed by the rocks and the cloud reflexion. Visual Aesthetics It’s nice that you captured both sky reflection + see-through water on the same picture, but here’s a tip that will always work: try using a wide lens to catch more objects in the picture (like some mountain, forest, house, bout), otherwise the picture seems like an empty scene that doesn’t tell much. Doug Dsmil Technical Aspects The lighting used for this shot comes from both back and front of the model. The back one is not necessary … Read more

Photography Critique Edition #4

In this editon of “photo critique” I received more wonderful images. Let’s see them. Boredom by Alex Watson Technical Aspects Unfortunately, in this photograph, the subject is not well focused. There is also a high lack of contrast. This kind of shot would have been better with a stronger lateral light and a black background. Visual Aesthetics The image clearly creates a special mood, but I would associate this mood with fear rather than boredom. Behind the mask there is an angry look. This look should be more visible – like there is a need for more details in the eye area. Entra la Luz by Rodrigo Melgarejo Technical Aspects The image may not respect any traditional rules, but I still find it correctly done. The are sufficient details even if the light is powerful. There is a good contrast and sharpness. Nicely done. Visual Aesthetics I must say I love … Read more

Photography Critique Edition #3

In this third edition of “photo critique” I received more wonderful images. Let’s see a part of them, and the others next week. Ieva Miltiņa Technical Aspects Technically, this image has some problems. The most obvious one is the overexposure. It seems to be a very bright sun in that day, and one step underexposure would have helped. The other aspect is the lack of sharpness. The image is kind of too soft and when about portraits, I prefer to see the face details nicely sharped. Visual Aesthetics The warm tones and the clothes make me believe this is a portrait shot in autumn. I like this warm autumn mood. There is a vertical shadow on the wall behind the girl. I suggest to photoshop that since it is a bit distracting. Otherwise, I like the combined background (wall + trees) – it popes out the subject. Also, she has one … Read more

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