Photography Critique Edition #2

In this second edition of “photo critique” I received 3 wonderful images. Let’s see them. Ieva Miltiņa Technical Aspects This is an instant portrait with a good natural lighting. I would have preferred a more shallow DOF. The fingers are out of the photograph so this not technically correct. Everything else (contrast, colors, white balance, sharpness) is ok. I notice some warm tones over the image but I like this. The image looks sharp, which is important from my point of view. White balance is good: the white is neither bluish nor yellowish. Visual Aesthetics It’s important for an image to be quick, instant, natural, but in this case, the position of the mouth is not exactly a pleasant one. I notice that the pattern of her clothes goes well with the pattern formed by the windows at the back. The message transmitted by the image is clear: the morning cigarette … Read more

Photography Critique Editon #1

In this first edition of “photo critique” I received 2 wonderful images. Let’s see them. Alexander Artemenko Original Image Technical Aspects The image looks sharp, which is important from my point of view. White balance is good: the white is neither bluish nor yellowish. Everything is focused like a landscape should be. There are no overexposed areas, neither underexposed: every detail is visible. There is no visible noise (anyway, in this case, noise might have actually added to the mood of the scene). In other words, technically, this image is perfect. Visual Aesthetics The composition is just great: a perfect golden triangle. The scene is eye-catching: you got the wagon, a dramatic sky, snow over the railway. The perspective is somehow common but I can’t figure any better one for this scene. This image has a very dramatic look, which is a very good thing. The dramatic feeling can pop out … Read more

Get Your Photos Critiqued at!

Hello dear reader! On photoaxe birthday (January 16) I promised you that photoaxe will become closer and closer to you and your needs. Now here’s what I wanted to say with that: There is a new category which consists of photo critique. You just send me an email ([at] with a low resolution picture (max. 900 px wide) and then, each weekend from now on, I will post up to 6 or 7 pictures with their critique. If your photo is posted on your blog or some web gallery, mention that and give a link. You will receive a trackback. You can send up to 1 picture per week. If in one week I receive more than 7 requests, the ones that won’t get critique in that week, will follow up next week. This critique will be split in two parts: the Technical Aspects and the Visual Aesthetics. Depending on … Read more

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