Sports Pictures with Peter Read Miller

Peter Read Miller has been photographing the “sporting life” for over 30 years. He is also an acclaimed portrait photographer, and a member of Canon’s select Explorers of Light program. He is currently a staff photographer for “Spots Illustrated”, but his images have appeared on over 100 Sport Illustrated covers. He tooked pictures of numerous world famous athletes including: Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Ivan Ivankov, Renaldo, John Wooden, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Barry Bonds, John Elway, Gabriella Reece, Shaquille ONeal and Kathy Ireland. He also shot advertising for Nike, Adidas, Visa, Coca-Cola, Footlocker, Eastman Kodak, ABC Television, Panasonic, and the National Football League. Peter has been an instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Rich Clarkson’s Sports Photography Workshop in Colorado Springs. Peter has also been a guest speaker at UCLA, San Jose State, the University of Tennessee and The Eastman Kodak … Read more

People and Places Photography with Jim Richardson

Since 1985, Richardson has worked as a freelancer for the National Geographic Society. His story number 21 under National Geographic Society was published in March 2006. Even if he worked for other worldwide Photography Centres, this is what for he became famous. He has lectured in the National Geographic Society’s “Masters of Photography” series four times and offered intensive travel photography seminars for The Maine Photographic Workshops. In his case, it was the first time that the National Geographic Society has allowed an outside journalist to document its behind-the-scenes editorial process. He describes himself as a journalism photographer, focusing on the lives of people who shape or are affected by a particular place. Richardson started experimenting with his father’s box camera on his paren’ts’ farmstead in north central Kansas. He developed his photography skills while working for Student Publications at Kansas State University during the 1960s, and, from 1970 to … Read more

The World in Black and White – Ansel Adams

Ansel Easton Adams (1902-1984) was an American photographer credited with developing the ‘zone system technique‘ (a method of concentrating light on negatives to control the look of finished pictures) and the ‘theory of visualization‘ or ‘previsualization’ (the act of measuring a scenes light to imagine a finished photo). Basically, he captured nature in black and white and became famous for his photo series of the Yosemite Valley in California. More than that, he became an environmentalist, and his photographs are a record of what many national parks were like. He also wrote technical books defining and developing his theories, and later on, many photoalbums were published in his memory. Some of these are: # The Camera # The Negative # The Print % Born Free and Equal % Polaroid Land Photography % Ansel Adams: In Color % Photographs of the Southwest % The National Park Photographs % America’s Wilderness % … Read more

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