10 Magical Tips for Christmas Photography

1. Preparations are part of the celebration Even before Christmas starts, there is a lot going on. Get busy capturing the motion that is put in place by the Christmas preparations – this is what Christmas Photography sometimes misses. Have a picture of the kids decorating the tree, the grandma baking the cookies and the wife setting the table. These are candid pictures, but you should not forget about composition rules while hunting the perfect moment. Try to fill the frame in order to have your subject free from distractions. Since we are talking about indoor pictures of people in motion, make sure to set the ISO sensitivity higher. Test a few shots to adjust your camera settings to a shutter speed that keeps motion blur away. 2. Photograph the indoor and outdoor Christmas lights Decorations aren’t just in your tree. In fact, it’s quite possible that before you even started to … Read more

Travel Photography: Desert Road Trip

There are people who say that the desert is empty, that it’s bare, that it’s waste land that there’s nothing there. Honestly I just don’t understand that perspective at all. There’s life in the desert that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Colors of light, purity of light because of the dry air, contrast and texture that you just don’t see in other places. For a photographer that’s something you can explore endlessly. In this course you will go into a journey with Ben Long as he attempts to make the best of desert areas. He will take a road trip into the desert with the purpose of Travel Photography. A 3 days road trip in witch he does nothing but shoot. When people hear about desert, they think of nothing but clouds of dust rising from the dunes that goes all the way into the horizon. So that’s one kind of … Read more

Get Creative: Photos of the Same Moment in Different Views

In the art of photography, we often have the same moment in different views. A photographic moment does almost never mean just one photo. One perfect moment will result in many photos. Some better than others, but each can be as good as the other one. A photography session will mean that you are going to take many shots in the same place at the approximately same time. But also, if you are not alone, if you went shooting in the company of other photographers, that photographic moment is viewed from the perspective of more than a pair of eyes. As a photographer (no matter if beginner or advanced), you always need to have your mind open for any kind of view of the scene in front of you. The photographers “third” eye is the creative mind which views the world through a viewfinder. Never chase to let your mind … Read more

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