How to Capture Life at the Country Side in Pictures

When going out of the city to the country side, every photographer has a few subjects in mind: domestic animals, old farmers, rusty old objects, fruits and vegetables, landscapes with old houses surrounded by cultivated lands and trees. And each of these encounters different shooting conditions and specific issues. Domestic animals: usually represented by cows, can be photographed in groups or alone, or, with a farmer by their side. A normal lens will do just fine. But close-ups are not to drop away. Think a little about a cute fluffy chicken baby under the mothers wing. Rusty old objects can vary in size from an entire abandoned building to a pair of shoes. These pictures will be full of emotions and symbolism. Generally, the idea of old is well enhanced in slight sepia tones. Farmers, if photographed at work, will contribute to the image as an attraction point of a … Read more

Photographic Journey to the Ancient World of Christ

Happy Easter dear reader and friend! In this article I will show you some pictures taken in the ancient places where Jesus once walked the Earth. A journey deep inside Israel and the nearby states where the Jordan Ri’ver flows make me fell closer to the meaning of the Easter Celebration. I hope, through this photographic documentary you will also get an insight. The city of Jerusalem, capital of the State of Israel, located in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, contains a number of significan’t and ancient Christian landmarks. Ancient Roman artefacts left standing as well as some Greek ones too. This means that by visiting this place you get in contact with many cultures, local Muslim and Jewish as well as Europeans. In the Judean Mountains, and more precisely in the Mount of Olives, is the Gardens of Gethsemane where Jesus was captured … Read more

Rosia Montana Photography Documentary

Documentary photography usually refers to a type of professional photojournalism, but it is rather described as a type of photography depicting a story about a particular subject (no matter if person, city, flowers, animal or whatever) in more than one single shot. So if photojournalism can stick to 1-3 photos for an article, in documentary photography the situation is up side down: fewer words and more photos. Therefore, such photos are meant for publication, but are sometimes only for exhibition in an art gallery or other public forum. For higher resolution video click here Rosia Montana The latest method of such a documentary is a combination of picture with text and music. What a nice piece of art made of 3 different types of arts :D. Later on I will write about some software that helps you do that, but now, lets take a look at a simple Documentary I … Read more

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