How To Make Beautiful Landscape Panorama Photography

No matter if you are above the mountains, the hills or on the field, a large panorama will always be impressive. A tripod will give you the possibility to merge the pictures precisely. There are some tripods on the market made especially for panoramic shooting. (Actually there are some cameras that shoot only in panoramic mode). Some camera manufactures include a panoramic shooting mode which I find very useful: you can see the previous shoot and continue the next shot approximately where the other one ended. Canon cameras allow a bigger number of shots (I haven’t tried to find out the limit since I could easy make a 360 out of 13), while Nikon and Olympus only allows a few number of shots. If the sky is interesting, like for example with more types of clouds on different highs, you can try a vertical panorama. A vertical view is also … Read more

Panoramic Trip in 25 Big Cities

Sometimes the best method of learning photography is to look inside of photo albums. This is why before even starting with theories about panoramic software and gears; Ill take you on a trip to various places. This time to big cities. Do you notice what most of them have in common? A waterscape! Human settelments are allways near water, and you know what? The Reflections of the cities always look good in photos (both day and night). The existence of waterscapes can lead to the existence of bridges, and, once again, bridges look good in photography especially as guiding lines. There is something else you can notice in all the pictures: there is a main building, most of the times taller than the rest of the buildings. The placement of this attraction point (usually center of the city) in photography is either following the rule of thirds, or, if the … Read more

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