Do’s and Don’ts – Photography in Public Places

There are several reasons why photographers (not necessary professionals) go around town to take photographs in public places: they want to photograph an interesting building (architecture photography) they want to photograph in the botanical garden or local museum they want to photograph life on the streets (street photography) they want to photograph an interesting event occurring in a public place (photojournalism) they want to photograph a model in a public place background (portrait photography) What is wrong with these reasons? Well, nothing… mostly. But some countries and states have regulations that will prohibit taking photos in certain places. Some rules will state that you cannot shoot any picture at all, while other rules will only state that you are not allowed to use your photography for commercial purposes. Why is it important for you to know if you are allowed to take your photo? – Because if you don’t know, … Read more

Pictures from my Trip to Germany – Hamburg

It’s a very common thing to find street performers and carnivals in every big city in Germany if you happen to be in the market place during the weekend. This is, for photographers, a great opportunity to capture spontaneous emotions of people, take advantage of the free show and the clothing. Please comment about the feelings that these photographs have on you. Do you feel the music? Do you hear the drums? If you do, then it means that the shot is a succesfull one: your eye went from the happy faces of the players to their instruments and back, without any other distractions from the background.

How to take amazing Circus Show Photos

Taking amazing circus show photos is rather difficult because of a variety of factors. To put it simple, the photographer has the hard job of capturing the right moment while the subject is moving in low artificial light. You see, I just mentioned two key issues there: low artificial light and movement. Let’s get into details about this. In a Circus Show there are many factors different from any other kind of photography type. For example, the white balance does not matter too much, and you should also not worry about having too much noise: sure you will since the lighting environment is poor and the use of flash will only ruin the magic of the show. The magic of the show is mostly based on motion and secondly on clothes. As a result, try to capture motion blur in your picture, but remember: slow shutter speed is not needed: … Read more

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