Keeping Your Photography Camera In Perfect Condition

We tend to over think the small details such as keeping our cameras clean and kept up. We just shoot over and over and forget that our camera’s are collecting a bunch of dirt and grime after every use, with being indoors or outside it can pick up dirt over time.   Here’s 5 tips to remember when keeping your camera in perfect condition Keep exterior clean Dry and Air Keep body cap or a lens cap Activate the automatic sensor cleaning Check and clean the sensor Keep exterior clean  You should manage to keep your exterior clean every three or four weeks or whenever you feel that it is necessary.When cleaning the exterior remember to remove  your battery along with your SD card, and any other accessories. Make sure any ports are closed as well clean the exterior before taken your lens off you Don’t want any dirt and grime to … Read more

Selfies and Snapshots: Tips for Printing From Your Smartphone

Printing options have greatly improved over the last few years and the days of needing to connect directly to your PC with a cable to be able to print a document, are long gone. Wireless printing is now commonplace and if you are among the majority who tend to use their smartphone as their favoured device, you can now also print your selfies and snapshots direct from your phone. Here is a look at how to print from your smartphone or tablet plus some tips on how to get the best results. Print using your iPhone You can print photos using your iPhone without the need to involve your home computer and printing these images is relatively easy to accomplish, but the main thing you need to look for is a printer that supports AirPrint. If you are looking to get a printer that supports this technology, you should also … Read more

The Basics Of Buying A Digital Camera


Cameras too complicated. What happened to the days when you could walk into a store and buy the first thing that caught your eye? Do they not exist anymore? Unfortunately, they don’t, and that is down to technology. Thanks a lot technology! It has just made the process of purchasing a camera ten times harder. There is too much to take into think about and too much responsibility on the buyer’s shoulders. If you want to simplify the process, take a look at the tips below. FIGURE OUT YOUR NEEDS A lot of first time buyers especially get sucked into buying a camera that is beyond their needs. Why? There are two main reasons. The first is that they can’t help themselves and temptation gets the better of them. The second is that they simply don’t know what their needs are. Understanding what you want from your camera is the … Read more

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