Photography Lighting : Ultimate Guide To Home Studio Photography Lighting!

Aspiring photographers will realize, as most experienced photographers have realized, that photography is an art. The very foundation of this art is light. Light decides to a large extent whether the intended message of a picture will be communicated well or not. Improper lighting can definitely dull, hamper, or stifle what the average person would perceive as a good picture. Part of a photographers skill set definitely should include a knowledge of lighting arrangements and lighting adjustments. Learning about lighting angles, lighting styles, and how lighting can affect the “mood” of any picture should be a part of any photographer’s repertoire. Because indoor pictures are largely dependent upon artificial light, learning how to manipulate and control this light can result in creating masterful photos! “Photography Lighting” by Evan Deveraux is awesome guide and a must-read for those who want to take their game to the next level! In a nutshell: … Read more

Become a Professional Wedding Photographer

Out of the many things you can do as a photographer, you can choose to become a wedding photographer and have the advantage of only working a few months per year. The rest of months, you can do whatever you like or simply go with stock photography as a side-business. So, if you are serious about this photography career, then I have found the right teaching material for you. Nick Stubbs is a professional wedding photographer since around 1980. But apart from that, he has a passion for teaching and love to see others succeed in this business and over the years.  For this purpose, he created Wedding Photography Blueprint. I’m gona have to quote him: “It is great to watch my students go from absolute novice to running their own busy, successful photography business in just a couple of short years.” Customers who already bought the series of 8 DVD’s of Wedding Photography Blueprint, … Read more

Top 10 Quick Digital Photo Editing Tips

Digital photography has made taking professional-looking photos within the reach of even the rank beginner. Aside from the ease of use and rich features digital cameras themselves offer, we’re able to edit our digital photos easily. Turning an image from ok to extraordinary is only a few clicks away, thanks to digital image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. If you’re interested in mastering the top software for editing photos, click here to find out how you can learn Photoshop in 2 hours or less. Here are 10 Digital Photo Editing Tips  you can make very quickly. Follow them and your digital pictures will stand out. 1. Remove red eye Red eyes make your pictures look amateurish. Why put up with it when it’s so easy to fix? Take the time to remove red eye from portraits. 2. Sharpen blurred images Sometimes you’ve captured the perfect moment, but your hand shook … Read more

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