The Best FREE online solution for Photo Editing and Photo Effects

With only a few clicks you can transform your photo into an artistic image ready to use. Yes, just three free clicks, and for FREE! You read that correctly: three click only. The process is as simple as this: click an image to select the effect, choose your input photo in the page bottom, then click the “View Effect Result” or “Download Result” button. I found it hard to believe myself, given that most software packages that offer high-quality results with this easiness are quite pricey. See for yourself: Picture to People – the best free online solution for photo editing and photo effects There are so many options for each photo effect, that you can get a plethora of different results. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many quality effects – more than in a paid software – and, to be honest, choosing from so many possibilities was a difficult internal … Read more

8 Must-have Android Apps for Photographers

Let’s suppose you are on the field with your camera, and you’re wondering what settings would work best for an amazing shot. You have a vague idea that the aperture needs to be wide open for landscape, and that the exposure time will take longer in low light. But, other than that, you are going to get frustrated with tens of shots before achieving the desired effect. Your perfect picture requires a lot of practice and knowledge. The practice part – that is all you. The knowledge, however, can be tricked. Old-fashion photographers have a notebook in their pockets with best values of aperture – shutter speed combinations, but, if that didn’t cross your mind, then maybe this will help you: there are several great tools you can install on your phone or tablet. Moreover, with these tools, you won’t ever need to do the math yourself. Every photographer can … Read more

Photography Lighting : Ultimate Guide To Home Studio Photography Lighting!

Aspiring photographers will realize, as most experienced photographers have realized, that photography is an art. The very foundation of this art is light. Light decides to a large extent whether the intended message of a picture will be communicated well or not. Improper lighting can definitely dull, hamper, or stifle what the average person would perceive as a good picture. Part of a photographers skill set definitely should include a knowledge of lighting arrangements and lighting adjustments. Learning about lighting angles, lighting styles, and how lighting can affect the “mood” of any picture should be a part of any photographer’s repertoire. Because indoor pictures are largely dependent upon artificial light, learning how to manipulate and control this light can result in creating masterful photos! “Photography Lighting” by Evan Deveraux is awesome guide and a must-read for those who want to take their game to the next level! In a nutshell: … Read more

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