Photography Articles Around the Web #8

Photography Articles Around the Web
September Selection

This month was not rich in tutorials, rather rich in contest and interviews with famous photographers. The main focus for hardware, was the Photokina 2008 event – about this, there will be a dedicated post later.
So, here’s a list of the most interesting and useful tips on photography
Fi’ve Tips For Better Beach Photography
Two Power Tips For The Traveling Photographer
Food Photography for Bloggers
Photography – Beauty in Colors
A Very Unusual Impressionistic Photograph of Green Fields
Taking photos for the future
Wildlife Photography – Fi’ve Tips
Learn basics of snake photography
The Secrets of a Winning Photography Book
New Trends in Photography: Panographies

For your inspiration, I suggest looking at these 2 photography collections from smashingmagazine:
25 Beautiful Macro Photography Shots
35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography

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