Sigma SD14 Digital Camera Review

Sigma SD14This DSLR camera (not recommended for beginners) works on the base of Foveon X3 Sensor and will finally be available since 6th March 2007 (originally announced at Photokina in August 2006). Foveon X3 sensor (20.7mm x 13.8mm) was seen by many as the future of digital photography because (unlike almost every camera on the market which uses a color filter array), the X3 sensors measure color information for all three colors at every pixel location.

As well as the new image sensor, the Sigma SD14 has a completely new body which is quite a bit smaller and lighter (also modern) than that used in previous models. Sigma SD14 comes with built-in pop-up flash and an optical viewfinder with 98% coverage. Maximum resolution is 2640 x 1760 pixels, with a 3:2 aspect ratio. The dust protector of the SIGMA SD14 prevents dust from entering and adhering to the image sensor and mirror lock-up mechanism prevents camera shake. The durable focal plane shutter mechanism has life cycle of over 100,000 exposures.

Now lets answer THE big question: is 4.69 effective MP too little for such a modern dSLR? Well, No! The new X3 sensor packs 14.1 million pixels, into a 3-dimensional array of 2652 x 1768 x 3 pixels. There is no doubt, a Foveon pixel should (and actually, in terms of just Foveon, they are) be a far better pixel, contributing to far superior color accuracy and also, therefore, effective resolution, by increasing the accuracy and precision of borders, shade shifts, colors, detail in brightness extremes, contrast range, etc.
Sigma SD14Sigma SD14
Shooting Modes: Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Full Manual
White Balance Settings: Auto, Sunlight, Shade, Overcast, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, Custom
Metering Modes: 8 segment evaluative, Center, Center weighted average
Technical Data:
• 2.5 inch LCD
• 4.69 effective megapixel
• ISO Range: 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
• Shutter Speed: 30 -1/4000 sec, Bulb (up to 30 sec)
• Shooting speed: 3 fps
• Self-Timer: 2 or 10 seconds
Exposure compensation: +/- 3.0EV in 0.3EV steps
• File Formats: JPEG, RAW (.X3F)
• Memory Storage: CF1/CF2/Microdrive
• LiIon rechargeable Battery
Accessories: 40 Sigma lenses such as ultra-wide, ultra-telephoto, macro, and fisheye + EF-500 DG SUPER, EF-500 DG ST, and EM-140 DG flashes + power grip (PG-21), cable release (CR-21), remote controller (RS-31) and the AC adaptor (SAC-21)

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