12 Best Digital Cameras of The Year 2007

Hollydays are comming and you probaly wonder what gift to buy. A camera will always bring joy to anyone and many whish for such a surprize in the box. Digitalcamerainfo proposes a list of the best cameras released in 2007 and gives good suggestions for evry price range. By the way, they also say that in 2007 there were more than 200 camera models manufactured. As I was also following every photography related news, I can confirm that. However, some of them have just a few differences and have made a debate among the experts. Before asking yourself what camera you should buy, check which are the Best Digital Cameras of The Year. Image stabilization and face detection became universal features on every new camera starting from the second half of the year. 2007 is also the year when Foveron senzors started to conquer the market but it will be much … Read more

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