Advanced Night Cityscape Photography Tips and Examples

My dear reader, I believe this article has surpassed my record in terms of how many examples I have for you. More than plenty. I should actually count them… there are about 90 images! Enjoy them and, most of all, learn from them! Night photography in the city is not as difficult as it might seem. In fact, there are a few myths I want to destroy right here, right now. But first, you need to know one thing will be forever true: you DO need a tripod for night photography. Even if the exposure time is not as long as you thought, it’s still longer than the by day and it does cause camera shake. Destruction of Myth Nr.#1: City by Night kind of photography DOES NOT require a long exposure time! The truth about night photography in the city is this: the longer the exposure, the more overexposed … Read more

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