How to show your online photo gallery and gain money at the same time

Every photographer out there, hobbits or professional, uploads sample photos into online portfolios. Nowadays, there are a lot of website platforms that offer the possibility of creating wonderful galleries and gather likes, shares and followers amongst the rest of the photography world. An online photo gallery is a great way to build up reputation and stand out. To make your picture visible in the right circle of people. But, for most of the performing photographers, gaining money from this occupation is a frustrating dream. Photos don’t sell as much as we would like. What if I told you that I found a picture sharing platform that not only allows you to create that great photo gallery in a low-competition photo community, but also offers a new way to monetize your page, other than the classic image-selling option? Fliiby (the name stands for File Library) is a digital content publishing and monetization platform … Read more

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