Learn how to edit your photos Using Photoshop

“Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers” Review Seller: David Peters Summary: “Photoshop Fast Track for Digital Photographers” is a collection of 22 videos, which demonstrate how to edit your photos using Photoshop. Each video is a step-by-step tutorial of the most common image editing tasks in Photoshop. Product Details: The main product is a set of 34 instructional videos. These include 12 video tutorials for Photoshop, from Photoshop 7 through to the later versions bundled with Creative Suite products (CS2 and CS3). Most of the videos are less than 5 minutes long. The longest video is 12 minutes and 48 seconds. The topics for Photoshop 7 through CS2 are: – Change Eye Color – Change Hair Color – Fix Underexposed Photos – More Punch Photo – Instant Tan – Panoramic – Double Chin – Remove Red Eye – Remove Spots and Blemishes – Remove Unwanted Objects – Remove Wrinkles – … Read more

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