Travel Photography: Desert Road Trip

There are people who say that the desert is empty, that it’s bare, that it’s waste land that there’s nothing there. Honestly I just don’t understand that perspective at all. There’s life in the desert that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Colors of light, purity of light because of the dry air, contrast and texture that you just don’t see in other places. For a photographer that’s something you can explore endlessly. In this course you will go into a journey with Ben Long as he attempts to make the best of desert areas. He will take a road trip into the desert with the purpose of Travel Photography. A 3 days road trip in witch he does nothing but shoot. When people hear about desert, they think of nothing but clouds of dust rising from the dunes that goes all the way into the horizon. So that’s one kind of … Read more

Pictures from my Trip to Germany – Hamburg

It’s a very common thing to find street performers and carnivals in every big city in Germany if you happen to be in the market place during the weekend. This is, for photographers, a great opportunity to capture spontaneous emotions of people, take advantage of the free show and the clothing. Please comment about the feelings that these photographs have on you. Do you feel the music? Do you hear the drums? If you do, then it means that the shot is a succesfull one: your eye went from the happy faces of the players to their instruments and back, without any other distractions from the background.

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