3 Key Resources – Best WordPress Themes for Photographers

Show-casting your photography on designated sites such as Flickr, Deviantart, and others, is always a good idea. But, that also means your art is displayed among the art of thousand other people. It could be hard for someone to find you and identify you as THE photographer. This is just one of the reasons why having a personal website for your photography is also a good idea. To be sure, you should have both: accounts on designated general web-galleries and a personal website just for your gallery. Creating a professional portfolio with html, flash, java, is time consuming, expensive, and it won’t give you any advantage over the existing WordPress portfolios. You can compare having your own WordPress gallery to an online portfolio. Except, you online-gallery will contain MORE photos. For this reason, when choosing your WordPress Theme, you need to take into account the same rules I explained for … Read more

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