2008 Photography Workshops

I thought you may want to know about these photography workshops (which you can find and apply to at www.sundanceworkshop.com):
The Spring Workshops, May 7-11, 2008, will feature travel and landscape photography. Workshops include:

“Photographing on the Move”

Travel photographer Nevada Wier will show how photographing on the move in foreign places requires the combination of technical expertise, culture competence, intuitive awareness, curiosity and a dash of panache. A specialist in adventure and travel photography, Ms. Wier will discuss how to combine the technical, practical and creative aspects of travel photography in order to get an image that elevates itself above the usual travel clichés. Read more about Ms. Wiers work at www.nevadawier.com.

“A Natural Eye”
An impassioned teacher and landscape photographer, Eddie Soloway brings vast experience in both nature and photography. His intense workshop will help students look at the natural world with fresh new eyes – striving to develop a natural eye first, and then introducing the technical skills of photography. The Sundance Resort offers a truly magical “studio” in late spring, with snowcapped mountains above and the landscape below bursting with new foliage. Read more about Mr. Soloway at www.eddiesoloway.com.

The Summer Workshops, August 25-29, 2008, will provide tutorial-style training on nature and portrait photography. Workshop courses include:

“Exploring Your Personal Vision”
Jazz performer turned world famous nature photographer Tony Sweet, conducts a workshop that meets daily for a sunrise photo shoot (weather permitting) followed by a session to process and critique images. The improvisational, spontaneous and abstract nature of jazz, are also integral elements of nature photography. The day will end with a late afternoon/sunset shooting session. Class time will include a presentation, critique session and a review of digital workflow information. Read more about Mr. Sweet at www.tonysweet.com.

“Portraits on Location”
Bobbi Lane is an award-winning commercial photographer specializing in creative portraits on location and in the studio. The course provides an opportunity to explore in depth all the elements required to achieve the desired effect – working with both natural light and strobes, studio or portable flash, and photographing models using locations for composition and story-telling. Lighting is crucial to a successful photo and she will cover lighting patterns, quality and lighting ratios. Ms. Lanes website is www.bobbilane.com.

The Fall Workshops, November 5-9, 2008, include travel and adventure sports. Workshops are:

“The Art of Travel Photography: Capturing the Essence”
Brenda Tharp, an award-winning outdoor and travel photographer, is recognized for her strong design sense and personal vision. This Workshop will open with a visual presentation covering many aspects of travel photography, including how to capture a sense of place, work with and photograph people, work in mixed light conditions, use flash and manage a digital workflow on the road. Designed to help advanced amateurs gain insight on how to create better travel photographs and tell a story with pictures, this Workshop is scheduled during the countrys #1 Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Buckaroo Fair in nearby Heber City. This unique event celebrates the cowboy, the cowboy poet and everything truly western. To view Ms. Tharps work visit www.brendatharp.com.

“People in the Landscape”
Tom Bol has built his career photographing adventure sports and environmental portraits in remote locations that present unique challenges in getting a quality image. From action sports to intimate portraits, photographing people in the outdoor landscape can present a variety of challenges and rewards. During this workshop, Tom will not only discuss basic concepts but also techniques to capture fresh perspectives and unique angles for dramatic images. Workshop topics include composition, exposure, environmental portraits, point-of-view techniques, off camera TTL flash, reflector use and digital workflow. You will also spend a memorable night of light painting and star trail photography. Mr. Bols web site is: www.tombolphoto.com

By Laura

I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".

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