3 Must Know Questions and Answers about Photography

During the last years of teaching photography I received many questions. While most of them are covered in 4 months Better Photos Academy training, some are not. I want to share with you 3 of these questions and my answer to them. You might find these useful.

Q: What camera do you use? What is your recommendation when choosing a camera?
A: I like to experiment different cameras. I have come to the conclusion that each camera manufacturer has perfected a different feature, so the ideal camera would be a combination of them all 🙂 that is of course very expensive.
I began with Canon, then I tried Nikon, after that I got back to Canon and recently I like Fujifilm.
What I suggest: no matter what camera you choose, it’s a good idea to join a local photo group, and when you go together for a shooting session, you can experiment with the other group members cameras.

Q: How can I obtain a decent photo when I don’t have a tripod?
A: When you lack a tripod, try using whatever object you have on hand to keep your camera fixed on the ground. If possible, fill a bag with beans, sand, or something like that, and place the camera on the bag. This will allow you to obtain the exact angle you desire, not just the horizontal position of the camera. I use this technique when I forget my tripod at home.

Q: Someone told me to keep 3 meters away from object with a 50mm len for portrait. What is the best distance between me and the object with a 70-300mm len?
A: The bigger the lens, the more distance you need. Important is to use as little zoom as possible – so you will approach the subject to the distance that does not require zoom or only a little zoom (zooming will decrease the quality of the photo), but also not too close in order to obtain the best focus (if too close, you risk focusing at the back of the subject). I also have a lens 70-300 mm, but I am unhappy with the photos shot at 300 mm – those are too soft. So I only use the maximum zoom when it is necessary – like some ducks far away on the lake. Now, if you want to get technical about this, there is this calculator http://www.tawbaware.com/maxlyons/calc.htm . Example: Put 5 meters and 80 focal length. The result will show you have a focus at between 4m 47.69cm – 5m 66.16cm , which seems reasonable.

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I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".

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