3 Tips to Use Perspective in Photos

Perspective is a powerful tool in photography, and if you’re able to master it you’ll find that you’re able to snap far more interesting photos. It is a common misconception that you need special lenses to experiment with perspective, when in actual fact all you really need to do is move around.

If you’re interested in using perspective in your photos, here are 3 easy tips that will help:


  • Get high, and get low
     The easiest way to see perspective in action is by snapping photos from above and below eye-level. Try snapping a photo of a subject from the ground, then again from above it, and see how perspective makes a world of difference in the photos that you end up with.
  • Play around with scale
    Because objects that are further away look smaller, you can reverse that effect and create some amusing photos. Often this is referred to as ‘forced’ perspective, where you make objects that are far away seem larger or smaller than they really are by adding subjects that skew it in that way.


  • Use leading lines
    When you are experimenting with perspective, try using leading lines that point to the subject that you’re photographing. The lines can give your photo a depth and draw the focus of the viewer to it automatically.

As you can see perspective offers up a lot of interesting possibilities when you’re snapping photos. That being said very often you won’t be able to fully control what is going on in the background of your photos, or other factors such as the lighting. As such it would help to also be able to call upon a picture editor such as Movavi Photo Editor.

Rest assured Movavi Photo Editor is both intuitive and easy-to-use, so you don’t need to have any special skills or professional experience to put it to work. Frankly speaking even if you’re completely new to photo editing you’ll be able to get started almost immediately and just pick things up as you go along.

When you do begin to use Movavi Photo Editor, you’ll see just how many features are built into it. Using these features you could improve the quality of your photos, correct common issues, apply creative filters, insert unique captions, or even makeover subjects faces and touchup their makeup.

If you want Movavi Photo Editor will even allow you to remove any objects, people or other elements from the background entirely. That will give you full control over your image composition, and you can then use some of its other features to crop, rotate, resize, level, or flip the image to alter it further.

In a nutshell you could not only experiment with new perspectives, but completely alter the look of your photo with Movavi Photo Editor. The range of options it will provide you will make it easy for you to simply decide how you want to edit your photos, then implement those alterations in just a few clicks.