3rd Annual Photographic Arts Lecture

The 3rd Annual Photographic Arts Lecture is going to be hold by George Gilbert starting at 7:30 pm, on Wed Oct 24, 2007 in
Auditorium, Palo Alto Art Center.
The event has a beautiful title: “An Eyewitness to Photographic History in the Twentieth Century” and is co-sponsored by PACC and the Camera Club of Los Altos. More informations.

No one is better qualified to discuss this than George Gilbert, a colorful Brooklyn-born documentary photographer and raconteur who served as a cartographer in World War II, covered the streets of New York City with his Leica and Speed Graphic, wrote for magazines and published 22 books, taught photographic history at the University of Connecticut, and spent years in the advertising field. George Gilbert was intimately familiar with key figures, celebrities and events during this time.
George became the founding president of the American Photographic Historical Society in 1970. In 1987 the story behind the Protestant Leitz family’s courageous plan to enable 300 Jewish families, some disguised as Leitz sales employees (carrying Leica cameras), to escape from pre-war Nazi Germany first became public. George was later instrumental in getting the society to sponsor publication of this dramatic saga of heroism in a small book entitled ‘The ‘Leica Freedom Train’ (2002).

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