5 Simple Tips for Shooting Gorgeous Portraits During Winter


Clicking pictures in snow can be fun for some photographers. But, some photographers shrug their shoulders at the thought of photography in just WHITE snow. It feels like a blank backdrop to them. We will give you some tips on how to use the whiteness of winters to your advantage.

  1. Look for clean white snow while looking for the perfect winter photography backdrops. The snow is just like a seamless white paper. Dirty snow with footprints all over can be discouraging to the photographer as well as the subjects. Use proper exposure settings of your camera to use this bright background.
  1. Use pop colors in the clothing of the subject while clicking photos. If the subjects are wearing neutral colors, hand over some colorful props to them. Colors look amazingly good in the blank white backdrops. Snow can be used as a great background for hats, boots and winter coats. Hats are used beautifully to give a frame to the face.
  1. You must have captured children playing with snow, kids making snowmen, couples enjoying snowfall, people enjoying snow fights or kids in sledges etc. But, these have become a generic section of winter photography. Think out of the box and look around. You will definitely find dried trees, rocks, etc. Anything different from regular objects in the background is a good motivator. Capture your subject’s photos against these things as well.
  1. Try photographing in the late afternoon sun. The warmth of the sun and the shadows on snow provide great objects for clicking awesome pictures. The climate gets cozy during this time of the day. You have to be very quick in taking pictures during late afternoon because the atmosphere offers very few ideal moments for photography. In addition, you have to complete your session before the sun sets.
  1. It is compulsory that you photograph the snow only during the daytime. Adjust your camera setting manually and get out of the studio at night. Forget the peaceful and simple side of snow and capture its menacing and dark feeling too. If photographed properly, at night or at dusk, snow photography can give you some award winning shots.


In the dark of the night, the white of snow and dark surroundings produce a beautiful contrast. Capture the contrast, especially with tree branches in the background.  Encourage your subjects to come out with you and assure them of the quality photographs. Make sure you practice enough before shooting a final session with your subjects.

We know that it is not very easy to photograph in winters. Summer and spring give you thousands of chances to capture beautiful moments. Still, give it a try and you will thank yourself for experimenting. All this while, do not forget to keep yourself warm. Chilling snow in winters can slow you down tremendously. You would definitely not like to lose a shot just because your fingers could not click at the right moment. Wear appropriate clothing and go ahead with amazing winter photography.

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