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Adobe Camera Raw for digital photographers only by Rob Sheppard is extremely informative on a limited aspect of Adobe Photoshop Software: working with RAW file format. Anyone above the level of rank amateur will find this book helpful and it is also is a great book those who are moving from film to digital photography.
The first thing you should know is that Adobe came on the market with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) which helps digital photographers to gain more control over the image parameters. The author of this book relates the technique to the artistic purpose, after a discussion of the Raw format itself, he tells you how to use the in-camera histogram to obtain the best possible image. He explains how digital camera captures the image and what limitations of the digital camera can be encountered. Step by step images sustain the explanation, and there is also a chapter discussing other Raw converters that are available on the market, covering advantages and disadvantages.
Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers OnlyExamples of some titles covered:
“The Histogram, Key to RAW and Camera RAW”
“Challenges of the Small Sensor”
“The Noise Problem No One Talks About”
“Post Camera RAW Processing”

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