Adobe Updates Photoshop and Premiere Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6

AdobeAdobe Photoshop Elements 6 is capable to combine the best facial expressions and body language from a series of shots to create a single cohesive group shot (Photo-merge Technologies). Photoshop Elements software helps enthusiasts achieve desired results quickly and easily.The new Quick Selection Tool reduces a once time-consuming select-and-adjust task to a single click. Photographers at all grades – beginner to expert – can choose from one of three edit modes, each geared toward a different experience level. A new Guided Edit mode helps walk users through the steps of improving a photo. Photoshop Elements 6 streamlines editing with clean, uncluttered screens that draw focus to where it belongs, with new tabs providing simple access to the many capabilities of the program. Additional enhancements include an improved conversion tool that dramatically converts colour images into elegant, nuanced black-and-whites.
Photoshop Elements 6 for Windows has an estimated street price of £69.99.

Adobe Premiere Elements 4

AdobeAdobe Premiere Elements 4 is a major upgrade to the best-selling consumer video-editing software that includes an Organiser to help find and sort video clips, one-click movie themes and an improved easy-to-use interface. Adobe Premiere Elements 4 includes new features for creating rich movies in just minutes. Once the clips are chosen, consumers can apply event- or style-based movie themes to turn a sequence of scenes into a polished movie in just a few clicks. Background music and sound effects help underscore emotion, add emphasis, or create a mood. The new Audio Mixer works just like a mixing board in a recording studio, allowing the adjustment of relative volumes with sliders so audio can still be heard if and when desired. Adobe Premiere Elements automatically detects the tempo of the musical soundtrack and syncs the beginning and end of each scene with the beats for more dynamic slideshows and engaging movies.
Premiere Elements 4 for Windows has an estimated street price of £69.99.

The Adobe Software Package (Photoshop and Premiere Elements) is estimated at £99.99.

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