Artistic Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers

“Artistic Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers” is how David and Murray call them selves.
The true is they make a great team, and, together, a very creative style of wedding photography. While Helen is Murry Wedding Photography’s business manager, David has shot weddings all over the UK, from Castles in Scotland to central London.
Murray Wedding Photography
Unlike many others, he does not pre-arrange the bride and guest for a normal group photo, he shots instants of joy and emotions like a photojournalist hunting for moments. He shoots in a style that blends pure documentary photography with an artistic edge.
Murray Wedding Photography
Also, he focuses on details: from the bride’s ring, the flowers, the eyes, to the look of a single man in the big church.
I noticed that most of his photography is black&white, adding more to the emotions captured by the camera.
For an impressive image gallery, visit
In 2003 he won the WPJA Wedding Photography Awards – Ceremony:
Murray Wedding Photography

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