Keeping Your Photography Camera In Perfect Condition

We tend to over think the small details such as keeping our cameras clean and kept up. We just shoot over and over and forget that our camera’s are collecting a bunch of dirt and grime after every use, with being indoors or outside it can pick up dirt over time.   Here’s 5 tips to remember when keeping your camera in perfect condition Keep exterior clean Dry and Air Keep body cap or a lens cap Activate the automatic sensor cleaning Check and clean the sensor Keep exterior clean  You should manage to keep your exterior clean every three or four weeks or whenever you feel that it is necessary.When cleaning the exterior remember to remove  your battery along with your SD card, and any other accessories. Make sure any ports are closed as well clean the exterior before taken your lens off you Don’t want any dirt and grime to … Read more

Posing For Portrait Photography

When photographing people we are always looking for great new and excited poses, but after applying the same poses over and over again we tend to run out of ideas and go for those good old poses we know and love. As the art of photography keeps changing over the years, from new equipment to brand new inventions. We are always trying to make our new photo shoot more amazing than your previous ones. From Weddings, high school Senior pictures, Family and other photo shoots  you are always faced with the problem how the customer or clients should pose. Thus, when working your clients always come first, just remember always listen to what their feedback is. It’s their photo shoot so make it about them, but you don’t want them to take command or do all the work you were hired for your photography and creative insight. Here’s a tip when … Read more

The most common ways to carry your camera

There are several types of camera straps you can choose from. But first, let’s see why is it so important to choose a strap. Well, here’s some reasons why you should select a strap, clip or bag: It’s a lot easier to be able to keep your camera safe A camera strap allows your hands to be free A camera strap makes you more noticeable as a photographer   Free hands While using your camera, your hands tend to get very sore and tired from holding your camera over a long period of time. The bonus of having a strap or clip for your camera and not having to carry it all the time is a great way to take of the strain off your arms and shoulders. Secures camera This topic itself explains the reason we have straps, clip as well. It helps to keep our cameras safe and secured at all times. We tend to leave our stuff in the most unpredictable … Read more

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