BenQ DC T700 with Touch Screen LCD Digital Camera Release

You now read about the world’s slimmest 7-megapixel camera with a 3.0” touch panel display.
Not only has just beaten the “slim” record (previously award was for Casio Elixim models), but its sleek stainless steel edged body also comes in three colors destined to attract: Cool Silver, Midnight Black, Vixen-Red, Pearl White. The large LCD covers almost completely the back of the camera and before you ask where the buttons are, remember this is a touch screen.
Features include: fun photo frame and stamp options, S.S.F. (Super Shake-Free) system which helps stabilize your images when your hands shake the camera. The T700 also supports high ISO value: ISO 4000 in movie recording move and ISO 1200 in photo mode, letting you better capture fast-moving objects or taking photos in low light conditions, but be aware of the high noise at these settings.
BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700 BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700
• Movie Mode: 640 x 480 / 320 x 240 / 160 x 128 (30fps); MPEG4 AVI format, Continuous recording with sound
• Flash Modes: Auto, Red eye reduction, Forced on, Slow sync, Forced off
• 3.0 inch LCD
• 7.2 megapixels
• 3x optical zoom + 4x digital zoom (12x in playback)
• Focal Length: 6.2 (Wide) ~ 18.6 (Tele) mm
• Aperture: F2.7 / F4.3
• ISO Range: 80, 160, 320, 400, 800, 1200 (Shake Free mode), 4000 (Movie mode)
• Focus Range: Normal: 40cm ~ Infinity Macro: 15cm ~ 30 cm (Wide)
• Shutter Speed: 1/2000 – 1 sec (Scene mode 4 sec)
• Self Timer: 2 sec / 10 sec
• File Format: JPEG
• SD – Secure Digital memory + 12 MB internal memory
• Lithium-ion battery
BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700
BenQ DC T700

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  1. does anyone know that where can get benq t700 in USA? or any website that sell this digital camera to the states?

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