Canon Pixma iP1800 Printer Review

Canon Pixma iP1800 photo printer is small enough to fit just about anyplace, measuring 6 x 17.4 x 9.3 inches. When setting it up you have to align the print heads manually (manual alignment involves printing an alignment page, picking the best-looking choices for each of several alignment samples, and then entering the settings in the printer driver) – if you don’t want so, you should look for a more expensive printer.
Canon Pixma iP1800
This printer from Canon is fast (around 2 min for a whole photo) and provides good quality ink prints. the text quality is good enough for most business needs, and certainly good enough for school (not too sharp), and, as for the graphics and pictures, in high-quality mode, and a tendency it can get as good as possible for a ink jet printer. In default mode you may get thin lines over the images.
Canon Pixma iP1800Canon Pixma iP1800
You won’t notice any big problems in color rendering: rarely and only you use a magnifier you can see traces of colors in black and white prints and slight bluish shift in some photos.
The prints are water resistant even this is an ink printer I’m talking about, however, be careful not to scratch them. Canon claims they will resist fading for 100 years if kept in dark storage, as in an album; 30 years if kept behind glass; and 10 years if exposed to the air. iP1800 a great choice adequate quality, and the terrific performance at a low price.

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