Carl Zeiss Photo Contest

Under the motto “Your most impressive creations in 2007“, Carl Zeiss, the manufacturer of premium lenses started a photography contest.
In order to participate, the use of a lens from Carl Zeiss is obligatory for participation in the contest. Also, the images must be taken in 2007. A short, written description of how the photo originated is also requested. Deadline: 7 January 2008.
Upload your photos in one of the 2 categories:
* In the first category, photos can be submitted that have been taken with a Sony digital camera, a Nokia camera phone or a Logitech webcam.
* In the second category you can enter photos created with an SLR, rangefinder or medium format camera.
Winning and Prizes:
Decisive evaluation criteria are personalized composition and creativity. The prizes include a Nokia N95 8 GB, Carl Zeiss lenses and Carl Zeiss binoculars. All winning photos will be published on the Carl Zeiss website.

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