UV (Multi-Coated) filter

UV radiation is invisible to human sight, but in photography it turns out to be disturbing for the image quality. An UV filter is transparen’t to visible light, and so can be left on the lens for nearly all shots. The UV filter absorbs ultraviolet rays without changing the exposure. With most images, most people… Continue reading UV (Multi-Coated) filter

Photography Basics: Polarization Filters

The use: A polarising filter (or polarization filter) is used to remove reflections from a shiny surface and make blue skies darker. Types: Linear and circular polarizer. Circular is recommended. Manufacturers: Hoya, B&W and Cokin, using different depths of filter mount. Recommendations: not to use with wide-angle lenses and UV Filters. A polarization filter only allows… Continue reading Photography Basics: Polarization Filters