Kodak EasyShare V603 Digital Camera Review

It fits in your pocket (comes in black, red or silver), it is light weight and easy to use, therefore a nice compact point and shoot digital camera. A few improvements from V550 are the better buttons which are easier to press, viewfinder was completely eliminated, and more battery efficiency. For each picture there is a “blur warning“: Red – bad, yellow – OK, and green – good. Then, it scans eyes in the photographs you take, and automatically removes red-eye. However, in low light the camera hardly manages to focus. As for the panoramic mode, even if you are able take only 3 photographs, the camera automatically stiches them inside of the camera. It can also enhance pictures (feature known as KODAK PPERFECT TOUCH technology), and crop inside of the camera, with no use of computer, then, still with no use of computer, you can print your pictures via … Read more

Kodak EasyShare C743 Digital Camera Review

Kodak EasyShare C743 is a easy to use camera with a classic design, easy to hold and with a large LCD. A small optical viewfinder is also present letting you disable the LCD to save battery life, but, otherwise, the camera has only few manual controls. Quote from imaging-resource.com: “Other than in very good outdoor lighting conditions, colors lacked pop and images lost sharpness in the corners and in areas of high contrast, such as where a building meets the sky. The Kodak C743 also seemed to have exposure problems in high contrast situations, frequently blowing out highlights and overexposing bright areas. Worse, there’s a lot of chroma noise even at the lowest ISO setting.” Also, the built-in flash is not very effective either. Some features of C743 include in-camera editing features: cropping, auto picture rotation, and undo-delete. For printing, Kodak suggests G600 printer dock. The dock will also charge … Read more

Kodak EasyShare P880 Zoom Digital Camera Review

Designed with professional-quality Optical Zoom Lens featuring manual zoom and focus rings, high-resolution electronic viewfinder, and Proprietary RAW (RAW editing not supported on MACINTOSH operating systems), I can say it provides full creative flexibility. Like a dSLR, EasyShare P880 supports for external flash (in two different ways), conversion lenses and filters. With Kodak EasyShare P880 you have plenty of options: magnify with pan, fast scroll, multi-up, multi-select, slide show, album, protect, image storage, copy, highlight clipping, histograms, dates and time, image info, view all or selected, edit stills and videos (crop, resize), tag for e-mail and Favorites, red-eye reduction. The photo quality is impressive (accurate color, low noise and purple fringing, and just the right amount of sharpening) and the movie mode excellent (you can zoom all you want during filming, with sound and no time limit). Other features regarding the usability of this robust body, mostly made of plastic, … Read more

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