Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200 Digital Camera Review

DiMage A200 is a discontinued camera from Konica Minolta, but you might still find it on the market. The advantages of choosing this camera is that at a lower price, you get a 8MP camera with a zooming ring with hight optical zoom – 7x, manual functions, robust body with the look and feel of a SLR, and important features like RAW shooting, anti-shake technology. The anti-shake technology shifts the CCD to compensate for the vibrations that occur with hand held shooting (you can shoot with shutter speeds up to eight times longer – 3 stops – than with digital cameras without such technology). It is also available in movie mode also. Other features include: subject movement predictive focus control (great for sport events), vari-angle LCD, electronic viewfinder, Direct Manual Focus function (also allowing you to enlarge and view any part of the monitor image), real time histogram display. Last … Read more

Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 Digital Camera Review

With 8-megapixels and 7x optical zoom, the Dimage A2 is the concurrent of Nikon Coolpix 8800. Unlike Coolpix, Dimage A2 works with a 28-200mm equivalent with lens and manual zoom and focus rings, magnesium-alloy body also. Just like Coolpix, it allows control over the exposure, contrast, sharpness and color saturation; it uses popup flash with Advanced Distance Integration flash metering and the possibility to use external flash and records date, time and descriptive info on images and good redeye performance. Dimage A2 uses three metering modes: 300-segment, center-weighted and spot. Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2 users may also expect outstanding image quality (still lower than Coolpix), but when it comes to macro, its not that powerful as Coolpix (a minimum of 13 cm instead of 3 cm). Images are slightly noisy and soft, some out-of-focus. However, it starts up faster. Dimage A2 beats Coolpix with the easiness of operating the menu. … Read more

Minolta Dynax 7 Digital / Maxxum 7 Digital / Digital 35mm Film Camera Review

This is a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera on 35mm Film with Interchangeable Lenses. This model started to go on sale in 2004. It works in Autofocus and Manual Focus Mode with Focus Lock (Wide focus area, any local focus area can be selected from the 9-point sensors). Includes a few automatic Shooting Modes: Landscape, Macro, Night, Sports and Portrait. Combining the best of established 35mm system photography with digital photography affords photographers the ability to more fully express themselves. As the Anti-Shake function is built into the camera body and not the lens, it is effective for the entire range of Minolta AF lenses. Same as other cameras, supports Full-auto, Programmed AE (P mode), Aperture Priority (A mode), Shutter Priority (S mode), Manual (M mode) and 3 Custom modes. Also, it has self-timer: electronic with 10-second delay, cancelable or 2-second delay, 2 or more exposures in multiple mode. This … Read more

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