Nikon Coolpix L6 Digital Camera Review

Unlike its predecessor L5, the Nikon L6 has 1MP less and also 2x less optical zoom. The battery life is impressive, but the shutter lag is slow (long time to charge flash). The design is smooth, quite flat to fit the pockets, lightweight and with intuitive buttons at the back. It does not have Shutter and Aperture Priority, but comes with plenty of scene modes including panoramic feature. The best shot selector mode captures up to 10 images and keeps the sharpest one. Therefore, the images are pleasant, with lots of details. Exposure compensation and manual white balance are a few controls that can allow some flexibility, but you can’t modify the ISO, and I find that annoying. It is a good camera for snap-shooters (due to the easy of use and image quality), but make sure you have steady hands because it does not come with image stabilization. Nikon Coolpix L6 … Read more

Nikon Coolpix L5 Digital Camera Review

The design of Coolpix L5 is different than the one of L4 or L6 and I must admit that I personally don’t like it. Its the 5x optical zoom that first catches my attention (not 3x like most of the cameras in this range). Then, the optical vibration reduction (image stabilization) brings another plus to the evaluation. Nikon’s Best Shot Selector (BSS) will select for keeping the sharpest picture out of 10 shots. The worst about this camera is the impossibility of modifying the ISO setting (exposure compensation, white balance and metering can be adjusted). Like most of the shapshooting compact digital cameras, it has plenty of scene modes but no manual or shutter/aperture priority. For example, one-touch portrait mode uses face-priority autofocus and sets a wide aperture to blur the background and make your subject stand out. With flash turned on, it takes 4 seconds between shots, which is … Read more

Nikon D200 Digital Camera Review

The design of this dSLR, like most of the semi-professional cameras, consists of rubberized magnesium weather-sealed body, with a good hand grip, plenty of space for an accurate viewfinder and a pop-up powerful flash and lots of buttons at the back. The colors, contrast and sharpness taken by Nikon D200 are great if you have some more advanced photography knowledge to manually adjust white balance, exposure, aperture and shutter speed. Like all cameras in this range, people pictures will result with no red eye due to the pop-up flash. Battery life is only a few hundred shots on a charge (Nikon claims 1,800 shots – probably without the LCD). The fast speed of the camera and the 10 MP are the main reasons why a photographer would choose to buy the D200 instead of an older Nikon dSLR. Compared to the 6 MP D100, it has a better metering and … Read more

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