Upload Your Photos from Photoshop to Flickr

Most of the photographers I know use Adobe Photoshop CS or Lightroom for editing their pictures. So do I. On the other hand, most of the photographers I know, if not all of them, have a Flickr account to share their photos. As a result, Photoshop and Flickr should have a link between. But there is none…. or… at least not an official one. The frustration of not beeing able to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to export your photos into Flickr gallery is over because Xof at digitalfreak.net unleashes a little hack. I have to addmit this spares me some time. —> In the Flickr Uploadr application, select the App then right click > Make Alias Then you need to locate the “Export Actions” folder, which is in your Home/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/ Once the alias moved into this folder, all you need to do is to select “Flickr Uploadr” in the … Read more

Make Your Own 2008 Calendar for Free

Do you wish to create your own calendar for next year? I have a solution for: free and simple to use. Also, at the end of this article, you’ll find a free PhotoAxe calendar which is my Christmas Gift from me to you, my readers. All photos in the calender are copyrighted by me, lau, and they are all made in Romania. And you know what? It’s a really cool calendar of which I’m very proud of. Create Your Own Calendar SmartDraw is the World’s Most Popular Business Graphics Software that helps you quickly and easily create great-looking calendars, planners and more! Get ready-made templates and customize them using clip art, your business logo, or even digital photos! There is a 7 days trial, enough time for you to set-up a calendar and print it. Here’s a link to direct download the software. Have you installed it? Good. Let’s mo … Read more

How to Create Realistic Fog in Your Photographs

During autumn there are many fog days. You don’t even need to weak up very early to catch some fog in a nearby forest. However, some of us got work to do and just can’t follow the weather all the time. Look at the difference between the 2 images below and you’ll see that foggy pictures can also be made in a digital studio. I toked a picture of “autumn fairy” that I really like but there was one problem: while it was taken, in the clear midday, some purple fringing appeared in the highlight areas. Before actually adding the fog, I made a few other adjustments: 1) Straighten the guiding lines (the bridge edge, the lamps) 2) Saturated the colors 3) Added contrast 4) Removed purple fringing by removing all blue color from the picture 5) Sharpen 6) Final crop Now let’s get to work at that fog. I … Read more

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