Apple Aperture – Photography Editing Software for Mac

Aperture 1.5 is a all-in-one post-production software tool for serious photographers who use Mac systems. Aperture – enthusiastically adopted by some of the worlds finest professional photographers – set the standard for professional photo management applications. It is indeed a complete software that is a pleasure working with. More than that, it’s flexibility relies upon the fact that Aperture lets you install and take advantage of third-party extensions for sharing, storing, printing, publishing, and selling your photographs in exciting new ways. Using its comprehensive collection of tools, you can easily import, manage, edit, catalog, organize, adjust, publish, export, and archi’ve your images easily and with quality. Non-destructive adjustment tools let you fine-tune exposure; check and adjust Levels; modify White Balance; adjust hue, saturation, and luminance on a color-by-color basis; sharpen edges; modify highlights and shadow values; crop, straighten, reduce noise, correct red-eye, and eliminate dust. When it comes to powering … Read more

AKVIS Chameleon Plug-in v.5.0 – A Breakthrough in Photo Collage Creation

AKVIS LLC releases version 5.0 of its photo collage plug-in AKVIS Chameleon. The new version is a true breakthrough in photo collage creation. The program offers a new mode that allows transferring a roughly selected object to a new background with a clean result. No precise mask tools are needed! Now the program has an interface and all in all three modes with different collage possibilities. AKVIS Chameleon is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro, Ulead PhotoImpact, Corel Photo-Paint and other popular software. AKVIS Chameleon sells for $75 on , with a free 10 day trial version available. Home users can enjoy the full line of AKVIS plugins in the AKVIS Alchemy bundle (Enhancer, Chameleon, Stamp, Retoucher, Coloriage, Noise Buster, Decorator, Sketch, LightShop and Frame Suite) for USD $325 USD, a savings of $393 over purchasing each separately, while registered users can upgrade … Read more

When and Where should I apply Retouching to my Portraits?

I always hear the question: how should I retouch portraits? and most of the time it is refeard to the exact process of using the clone tool, the healing brush, the smudge tool and warming plus enlighten of the skin tones. But, behind the technique its self, I almost never hear someone asking: when should I apply changes? The question is a bit tricky because must of the digital fellows forget that NATURAL is an important quality of a speak-less portrait. Take a look at the pictures in the link below. Go with the mouse over them and notice how the mouth and eyes are considerably “photoshoped” – it’s like there are two different persons. digitalphotoshopretouching I believe it’s OK to get rid of spots, dirty teeth, eye wrinkles, enlighten the skin (and this is the most difficult task), but I’m not OK with the modification of a persons genetically … Read more

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