Psychedelic Art – Alien Flowers

Most of the photo editing Software have a function called “Invert” or “Invert Colors”. This function, sometimes combined with the chage of “Hue”, gives the image irrealistic colors. By inversion of colors, all dark colors become lighten and all light colors become darker; warm colors become cold colors and vice-versa. The green usualy becomes magenta. The so called “alien environment” is also based on the greens and blues. Tags: psychedelic art, alien colors, invert colors

13 Simple Steps of Picture Editing for Amazing Results

Sometimes it’s really amazing how a bad picture can turn into an “ok picture” by following the steps bellow. But don’t really expect miracles, because what really makes a picture outstanding is the subject and the creative idea it transmits. First lets look at some examples and after that I will show you the steps. For the first one I used all steps except 2, 7 and 10. The second one uses all steps except 2 and 3. The last one uses all of them except 3 and 10. Step 1: Cropping and Rotating This corrects the composition. Concentrate on the subject by “getting” it closer and take some rules under consideration. In my opinion rotating is rarely used if you keep the camera in the right position. However, sometimes my camera fails to rotate the vertical images after shooting so I have to do it manually. Step 2: Eliminating … Read more

3 Basic Methods and 1 Secret Method for Obtaining an Astonishing Black and White Photography

In Black & White Photography, the shapes, the structures and the contrast gain importance. You can shoot directly in BW on most of the digital cameras, and some of them (Canon EOS) even come with some software filters to control the contrast (red, orange, yellow). The disadvantage of shooting BW is that you can not have that picture in colors if you change your mind and in most cases you can’t apply color filters before BW conversion. By shooting in RAW mode you will obtain a lively BW Photography. Why? Because raw format offers more detailed grey tonalities. Some RAW converters have the BW option incorporated. For TIFF and JPEG there are many possibilities to convert in BW. The chosen method depends on the desire to influence the grey tonalities during the conversion. Method 1 – Desaturate ! The simplest solution is the “Desaturate” option in Photoshop, in the “Image”->”Adjustments” … Read more

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