Bokeh by Harold Lloyd

Today I came across Harold Lloyd. It is a frosty late autumn day and he’s photography suddenly makes me shi’ver. No, I’m not talking about that Harold Lloyd (1893-1971), the American movie actor who turned to nude photography. I’m talking about Harold from Flikr, the “bokehddict“. This photo is called “My name is Harold and I am a bokehddict” Flower photography is for most people something too simple, too usual and except for the fact that it looks good on postcards, or inside books and calenders, it represents nothing creative to the photography community. But Harold’s work is different. He’s pictures of flower and trees are a masterpiece of color and shapes that give you strong emotions behind the usual. I totally agree with Isabell’s Lafrance oppinion about Harold: he is a defined a master at creating magical bokehs. Isabelle: “He can take you to dark, lonely places or to … Read more

Daniel W. Coburn Photography

I’ve been having some hard times lately with lot of work at the office, exams and a cold I got. Besides from that, take a look at this video-portfolio of Daniel W. Coburn. This artist creates impressive black and white photographs (using a Canon 30D), some of them heavily manipulated (but still amazing and with powerful messages). It kind of remembers me of Ansel Adams. Yes, he’s a Ansel Adams of the new era I could say. If you want to see his work on paper, there’s an opened exhibition right now: BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY: PHOTOGRAPHS BY DANIEL W. COBURN Solo Exhibit @ Whittier Gallery – Riney Fine Arts Center/Friends University Campus January 14th – February 9th. Through his early work as a nature and wildlife photographer, Dan Coburn developed a great appreciation for our natural places. Over the last few years his work has evolved into a study … Read more

Amazing High Speed Photography by Jasper Nance

Jasper Nance has been doing some amazing high speed photography over the last year featuring objects that she shoots with a .22 or pellet gun while photographing them with a special high voltage flash. Shes also takes requests from people for stuff that they what to see her blow up. My desire to see the world and live among the animals has grown and I feel that my photographic setup is almost ready for me to bring the beautiful world of the dying rain forests and dwindling biodiversity into the light of the public eye. My desire to make documentaries on primates and other forest animals is also becoming apparen’t. I shall stick to still photographs for now but later I intend on getting some broadcast quality video equipment. She is a photographer environmentalist vegetarian scientist engineering student and totally self proclaimed superartist and megagenius, also a member of the … Read more

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